4 Gratifying Results about My Bi Life


In the course of my growing up, my parents were not particularly pious, but we were very serious about our traditions. My favorite parts include Christmas day in pajamas, my new year brunch, my wife and I always eat in Valentine's day.

Thanksgiving is very smooth, it doesn't even include turkeys every year, but we have a tradition. We were all sitting around the table, and everyone said something they were grateful for. The answer is stupid to profound, but it always makes me realize that we spend little time thinking about the good things. I found myself taking a day to think about what I was grateful for, so when it came to me, I knew what to say. In this tradition, there are some things I'm thankful for now. pic


  1. Bi Representation

I spent a lot of time tracking BI characters on the media. A lot of time, I told myself that it was a job, but who are we kidding? Every year there are more and more wonderful statements about bisexuality and bisexuality and more explicit. Is it perfect? No, it's just a lot better than in the past. We have so many roles, they are BI and not bad guys. Some of them, like marvelous women and Val Jiri, even superheroes. Some of us have been identified as Bi, the same as "Jane the Virgin" and "Mrs. minister" in the performance. There are a lot of Bi dude on our screen, in literary works, and even in our games. I met a new BI role every time, I will jump a little, this year I will jump a lot of dance.


2. A World That Isn’t Divided Into a “Friend Sex” and a “Relationship Sex”

BI people may be attracted to everyone, so we have to overcome this problem. We do not have the right to choose only friends, only friends, we will never find the potential sexual needs. You know, that's good. Yes, you can make friends with those who make you attracted by their genitals and, in some way, resist their impulses. You can make a commitment to a woman monogamy and have a best woman friend. Your potential circle of friends has just doubled. How perfect it is.


3. Bi Culture

Everyone is talking about how fun it is to have a homosexual culture of dance, music, and well dressed people. I am very happy to see the rise of a bisexual cultural concept. Now I'm not saying that bisexuals are the same or love the same thing, but there seems to be a huge overlap between Trekkies and bis. As a cheeky otaku, I grew up in a world full of science fiction and fantasy. My favorite unicorn, dragon and spaceship are all part of bisexual culture. I think this is partly because these genres have represented us for such a long and so comprehensive way. I'm sure all Anne Rice's vampires are BI, and have been for decades, and that's what I know about growing up. Science fiction and movies have shown Bi characters that are longer and more advantageous than many other types. In turn, we repay their forward-looking thinking by consuming these representatives of our genres.


4. More Open-Minded Cause My Bi

BI made me aware of the problem, not that I didn't find the right category to define me, but that our entire classification concept was defective. Making BI makes me more skeptical about the people around me. If I see two women hand in hand, I don't think they are lesbians. Maybe I'm looking at a bi woman and a lesbian, two Bi women, or two close friends who just don't want to lose each other in the crowd. Perhaps one of them is blind, disoriented, anxious, and needs the help of another. Maybe there's a completely different explanation that I don't know. With the help of Bi, I realized that I could not assume that I had an understanding of a person's gestures, traits, or habits. It sounds like a simple statement, but when there are enough people to assume that your sexual orientation is not right, you should know that you need to be more careful with others' assumptions.