One of The Most Obnoxious Questions for Bi: Are you 50/50?

lalalaTraverse all the questions people have asked about bisexuality,many bisexuals don’t want to answer the question : Which gender do you like most? Obviously no matter you are single bi women or single bi men ,people will always be interested in your preference in gender.What’s more,the question comes in variety of forms.Which way do you lean?Which gender do you prefer to date?Do you feel more excited with men or women?All these questions cause to the misunderstanding of the sentence that “bi are 50/50”,which means they like men and women equally.

I don’t like this question too,and it’s more likely for the reason that I don’t know how to give a definite answer about it.I ‘d like dating everyone who makes me feel comfortable.It’s not about genders,but for something about emotionally. In usually time, I may date with a man,but it just because date with a woman can be more difficult.Though it sounds like I’m 50/50,I can list a full sheet of paper reasons I don’t claim to be.

When I’m attracted to someone,men or women,I’m attracted to all of them.Not 50 percent of them.So I don’t want somebody to say that I can just be half-satisfied when I’m with him or her.For example , if a man who is attracted to men most of the time but women the rest,when he finally choose a woman,it’s must because he likes the woman fully.And the most time he used to spend dosen’t matter anymore.

Attraction is multifaceted.For bi singles, sexual and emotional attraction,though all important are two totally different,independent factors. Bi people may be sexuality attracted to both men and women,but some are emotionally are attracted only to men.What percentage are they?I know somebody will only be attracted to someone they are familiar with.So how could you sign the percentage for them?

According this question,we can also find that some people who are identified as gay or straight are 90/10 or 10/90.So it’s so hard to just label them gay ,straight or bi,I can only deny the statement “50/50”.Yes,if people think that label can describes them correctly,it’s ok;if not, just do it.However when talked about sexuality ,we can not describe a group of people in simple, abstract words , from a variety of angles, we should examine all the nuances of the people to distinguish them.