7 Ways You See You Should Start a “Bi Date” Discreetly


You can browse Facebook at any time, although you'll see some of your Bi friends in the state, complaining about their own single. Some people rarely narrate their failure, while some people are emitting a desperate atmosphere.From what you’ve gathered from their posts,you can see these guys can’t get the core skills to date.In a word,most of them may always blame their problems on others instead of focus on the problems of themselves.So there are 7 ways for these special friends.



  1. You've got used to loneliness

You don't need to be in love with loneliness, but you have to be able to feel comfortable and peaceful during every night when you’re alone.For proper loneliness will help you think back your life to find some precious things that you may lost over time.


2.You are under the control of your drinking/drug use/partying

Most part of bi guys’ traditional activities include drinking and parting.But life needs moderation. You shouldn't let the world around you. The night to drink party, vomiting, or a large number of drugs, each of these will make you fall into the abyss of life. What you should think of is to find a bisexual partner, to make your life enriched by good relationships, not to be anesthetized by alcohol.


3.You have no sense of the men you date

A friend of mine was dating this guy who got jealous when she posted a thirst trap on instagram They weren’t exclusive or anything like that.He was told like this, “Oh boy...this is definitely not going to work out.”


4.You're easy to compromise

You’ve heard this time and time again because it’s true.Keeping relationships is really hard and people may always take compromise.Obviously you shouldn’t budge on your core values,but you must willing to compromise the rest.


5.You will often talk to others about your feelings

It means that you will be willing to vent all your emotions out of frenzy, no matter what they look like. You'll be outspoken about what you think, that is, you know he's going to hurt that person. It means to say what you want to say and express what you want to express.


6.You’re not hung up on your ex

Did you really break up with your ex boyfriend? Are you still thinking about everything about him? Would you compare him with someone else? Are you still in love with that person?. You're not going to be able to develop a new relationship.


7.You don’t believe having a partner will help you out of dilemma

In general, I often hear people talk about how amazing and amazing a potential mate is. It's a panacea for all the difficult problems. What you need is not someone else to help you solve the problem, but to let that person give you the confidence to solve the problem. When you have enough confidence, you don't have any trouble in your eyes.