Bi Individuals in Monogamous Relationships


Recently Frank emailed me a question about the role of his girlfriend in their relationship if he was a Bi. It’s a stupid question that exposed him to the fact that he was a bi man. But it is also an interesting question for in most queer relationships, straight folks are really few and far between. In other words, a gay man didn't tell his parents that his new boyfriend was a member of the LGBTQ community. That's a natural assumption. However, in different gender relationships, in some cases, a person is homosexual in a couple (one part of the marginal group), and the other is straight (a large part). This undoubtedly leads to different dynamic relationships.


Frank confessed to me what happened in the next conversation. He's a bisexual without doubt, even though he just thinks he's a bi-curious. And his straight girlfriend didn't know anything about it because he had a perfect hiding. Frank has been obsessed with whether he should come out to his girlfriend and the trend of their relationship later. In my sight, Frank is playing hide and seek, should him hide behind his own shell, it would be useless for anyone to seek him.


So I asked Frank:”If she know the truth, what would you do?” “I love her, and I actually can’t agree much with queer culture. I'll explain everything and wait for her trial,” Frank said seriously. Frank was a man who dared to practice, and he fulfilled his promise, even though it might make him lose what he had now. He was satisfied with the result,when he won the game and got more.


How do you relate to your marriage? When you work and friends, how do you talk about your bisexual? It requires clear and direct communication. You need to sit down and talk about how you want your partner to support your bisexual identity. There is no wrong answer. The answer is no matter what you think will make you happiest in relationships and help you embrace your identity.


You may also find that, over time, what you do doesn't work. Again, it's all right. Maybe later, you decide to let everyone know that you're finished, even though they're married and in a single partnership. If that happens, tell your partner. It's really simple.