A Classical Bi Movie You Can’t Miss: Image Me & You


This is a rare movie about bisexual, and it also provides a good leisure guide for our vast Bi friend. Imagine me and you are a 2005 German English romantic comedy, and Ol Parker is the playwright and director of the play. Starring Piper Pulabao and Lina Hatimatthew Goode, Celia Yimurui, Anthony Head. The title of the film is the first line of the song "Happy Together".movie


Then it’s time to introduce the main content of the film. Hector is a handsome, gentle and considerate good person, and he is Rachel's childhood boyfriend. They loved each other and prepared to get married, and Rachel thought she was going to be with Hector for the rest of her life. But what Rachel didn't expect was, before the wedding, on the red carpet, she accidentally saw a woman, her heart beat up quickly. The woman was Ruth, the florist, who provided all the flowers needed for her wedding. In this way, they met at the wedding and became good friends. Rachel began to believe that the feeling of love at first sight is true.


Although Rachel and Ruth love each other, Rachel is married, and Hector is good, and Rachel still loves him. Finally, Rachel chose to give up and Ruth chose to leave. And Hector saw the change of Rachel, he loved Rachel, he wanted to make Rachel happy, but he wouldn't accept another woman because of Rachel. So Hector chose to leave sadly. Rachel confessed their affairs to Hector's parents, but she didn't expect that his father said, "follow your heart," and encourage her to look for Ruth.What’s more, as the ending credits roll, Luce and Rachel enjoying each other’s company.


Although the process seems very tortuous, but they finally have a happy ending. I think the situation they encounter is more realistic, and it's easy for us bisexual to face this dilemma. We don't always know the exact sex tendency until we meet the right person. If you have the time, you can go and see the film.